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What We Do


Little Stars Nursery provides a stimulating environment for children to grow, flourish and pursue their imagination. We understand that children make sense of the world through various planned activities, so we offer a wide range of age-appropriate activities for each child's development stage. Indoor activities include a variety of adult and child-led games and activities. Children can play with their favourite toys, engage in messy play activities such as painting and sticking, make play dough, and explore different textures and colours. They can also engage in imaginative play by pretending to cook in our mud kitchen area, hosting tea parties and singing songs. Outdoor activities occur in our small, private garden with artificial grass and a safety fence. Children can play with water and sand, ride the balancing bike, bounce on our equipment, or draw on the big blackboard. They can also run around and choose their own toys from the outside drawers. At Little Stars Nursery, we believe that every child should have the opportunity to explore and learn in a safe, fun and nurturing environment.

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