What We Do


  • Little Stars Nursery creates an environment in which children can flourish, grow and journey just as far as a child’s imagination can take them.

  • The activities we do at Little Stars Nursery are wide and carefully planned for each child's age and stage of development.

  • Indoors, children, have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of adult and child-led activities and games, they can play with their favourite toys which they have easy access to in our playroom, experience a world of messy and creative play through a range of painting and sticking activities, making play dough and mixing cornflour is a great way to let our children explore and investigate, or they can even enjoy pretending play by cooking and making tea in our home corner. They begin to make sense of their world through various types of carefully planned activities. They will learn a range of songs and rhymes that will get them singing along and find friends in their range of books. Cooking and baking activities from pizza, biscuits and cakes help our children explore and are an activity they enjoy.

  • Outside in our small private and safely fenced garden with artificial grass where children can play happily with water and sand, ride the little Tikes car, enjoy ball play, pop up  tunnel or tippie, draw on our big blackboard, run around burning off all that excess energy or choose their own toys from the outside drawers.