Settling In


  1. How does the settling in process work for the child?

We set a time of 1 week, but sometimes it might take longer for a child to separate from their parent, it all depends on the individual child and child previous experience.

During a pandemic period, we are trying to make this process as quick ( but also comfortable and happy for the child and a parent) as possible and settling in is usually taking place in our outdoor area. Please check our settling in the policy. 

2. Is there a fixed staff assigned to the child in the beginning?

Every child has got a key worker who will start from setting in the child to the setting. Daily communication is done by our online system or verbally at the end of the day. 

Parents are informed daily about the child's meals, sleep, and activities.

Accidents and medication forms are also filled out and sent to parents online.

3. We are both working parents, so what time we should remain available for the settle-in period?

Until your child feels comfortable with us, it is always more manageable for the child to stay with us if it had previous experience separating from the parents ( for example child is cared for by grandparents or family friends).

Stay and play sessions are beneficial too.


Staff & Kids

4. What is the teacher to child ratio?

We are always following Statutory Framework guidelines:

For under 2's 1 adult to 3 children,

For 2-year-olds 1 adult to 4 children,

for children 3 and over 1 adult per 8 children.

As our setting is very small and we can only have 9 children per session, there will always be 3 staff available at the setting. We also have 3 students on placement at the minute, and some of them are counted into the ratio.

5. Our child will be 18 months in Jan, which stage/room (baby/toddler) will he be included in?

Our nursery believes in the Montessori approach and thinks that children in all groups learn quicker from each other we are based on one floor, and we are all spending time together. Please check our social pages Instagram and Facebook for a small tour of our nurser.

6. What is the total number of kids and staff working right now?

5 staff

Children are attending different days and sessions during the week, so it's very.

Maximum 11 children per day. 

Food and Sleep

7. Is there a sample menu that we can look at?


The menu can be adjusted to children's needs and dietary requirements. 

8. Our child is vegetarian (eats dairy and eggs but no fish and meat). Does the menu cater to that?

The menu can be designed around the child's needs and dietary requirements.  

The manager/cook has many food allergies herself, and her knowledge and love for healthy eating are extremely high.

Our nursery joined the local authority program Eat better start better in 2013. We carry on working closely with professionals so that children have a healthy start in our setting. Please see details in the links below which Hackney programs Little Stars Nursery is anticipating.  





9. At what times do you feed the kids?

We provide a snack at 10 am lunch at 12 pm, tea at 3 pm and a light snack at 4: 30/5 pm.


10. Our son is not a completely independent eater yet, how will that work out?

We are always eating with children, so they are supervised and encouraged to eat their food using provided child-size spoons, forks and knives. We are helping little ones with feeding if needed and encouraging them to hold their own cutlery. We encourage and support Baby Lead Weaning. 


​11. Can children bring their own snacks?

No. We provide all snacks and food. We make sure that it doesn't contain anything that other children or adults might be allergic to.


12. Where do the kids sleep?

 On the sleeping mats provided. Every child is given their own blanket. All blankets are washed regularly.


13. Our child is not sleep trained and needs someone to put him to sleep (no rocking needed, pat on the back to sleep). How will that be managed?

There is always a member of staff present at all times when children are put to sleep and when they are sleeping. The child will get q cuddles and a gentle pat on the back if this is what he/she is used to.  We use children's nap time to have quiet time ourselves, to wind down after a busy morning, get our energy for the afternoon session or catch up on our observations, assessments or daily dairies.  Lights are turned off, and lullabies from Alexa are played.


14. What is sleep, timings?

Afternoon naps after lunch.


Nappy change and Toilet Training

15. Do the teachers help in potty training? Our child isn't trained yet, but we are planning to start it soon.

Of course, we help with potty training, but only with parents' support and when the child is ready for it. 

16. Does the nursery provide nappies?

Yes, We provide nappies, wipes, sun cream, meals (except baby formula), nursery resources and short trips that are included in the price.

We also provide small yoga, outdoor sports and dance classes for children. We are taking children daily to local parks, coffee shops, pet shops, and farms. (these longer trips are limited now but we still trying to get out as many times as possible during the day). Children got access to outdoor nursery space when needed and required by them.

Small language groups during circle time are also carried out, we are using basic Makaton.


Daily Handover

17. What happens on a regular day? From drop off to pick up—morning play.

When everyone arrives we say good morning to each other, sing a few songs, children are given chance to talk about their experiences and feelings, and we might have 10 minutes of yoga or a dance/sports class. We are always asking children what would they like to do, and we are providing activities and resources around each child's needs and interests. We are trying every day to be more adventurous than the previous one. Most of our children are very active and love outdoor space, so we try to go out after the morning and afternoon snacks. During the wet weather, we are staying on the nursery grounds; we are asking parents to provide us with wellies and waterproof overalls so children can still use the garden. We do a lot of creative activities around our termly theme where there is a lot of painting and sticking involved. Children also have access to water and sand daily and much messy play.

Healthy Lunch at 12.

Afternoon sleeps or rest/ quiet time for children who dropped their afternoon naps, then 3 pm tea and walk to the local parks or playground.

second snack at 5 pm, story and home time before 6 pm.


18. Do parents get a summary of what the child ate, slept etc. every day?

Yes, daily updates on our online system or verbally if we get time are provided. Drop-offs and pickups are set so we can keep to government guidelines. Only one parent is allowed to bring or pick up the child; social distancing needs to be managed by individuals at all times.


​19. Do parents get a summary of what the child ate, slept etc. every day?

We upload photos of children activities in their online journals; this will also include a child's development assessment. Parents have access to their child profile at all times, and we encourage parents to share the child's experiences from home with us as it is lovely to share that with a child at the nursery. 

We are also trying to upload the daily activities of the children to our social media ( Instagram, Facebook and google). Please be informed that we are never uploading pictures of a child's face or without parental permission.  Please check our social media for more details. @littlestarsn16. 

Children reports are submitted and discussed with parents twice per year usually before or during the summer holidays and before Christmas break.


20. Do you help with school transitions? 

Yes, we do. We do a lot of interesting and fun activities before children will start attending school? When we know which school child is going to we contact them and send the new teacher end of the nursery report. Transitions for children with Special needs are carried in the school with all the professionals who working and will be working with the child. 



21. What happens when the child is sick and can't attend?

The child will stay at home with their parents until it gets well enough to come back to the nursery. Please email me for our "sick child policy", below I am adding a government website with guidelines for nurseries and schools on infection control. 

We got a duty of care to protect other children and staff from catching illnesses and viruses from children who are not well. 

Guidelines on infection control at school 


22. Can the skipped days be swapped with another day?

No. We do NOT allow for swapping or making up the missing sessions.

Fees still apply during the child's absence caused by child illness or if the child is going on holidays or nursery closures, which is during 2 weeks at Christmas, Bank holidays, 3 days per year for our Inset day and if the government or unpredicted emergencies will force the closure.

Payment & Fee

23.Does the fee on the website includes taxes

There is no additional fees or taxes added. Prices on the website, are actual monthly fees.

To help you to pay for nursery fees you can use the government child Tax-free scheme.

Please check the link for more details and eligibility.

 24.Do you allow additional days on an ad-hoc basis?

Yes, we do, subject to availability, and they need to be booked in advance for me to make sure that staff to child ratio is kept.

 And what are the charges for that? At the minute it is £95 for a full day.

All the Fees need to be paid in advance. Please check our fees and admission policy.