About Us

Little Stars Nursery is based in the Stoke Newington area, close to two local schools, and in an allocated Children’s Centre area, was built for children aged between 2 and 5 years old.  Little Stars can hold up to eleven children every day and has full time, morning or afternoon sessions available. The nursery is open from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday, 50 weeks a year. The children have access to the main play room and the outdoor area (all on one level). The main play room is very child friendly with bright colourful displays and a wide range of equipment for the children to use. Activities are set out so children can have a choice of what they would like to do; they also have access to other toys which can be found on a lower shelf or boxes placed under the tables if they wish to take them out.

The outdoor area is available for the children to go out and play at any time of the day, and can enjoy free flow from the main play area to the garden. The garden contains equipment where children can build on their gross motor skills i.e. balls, tunnel, toys. The children also have access to both sand and water and a writing area.

The nursery employs five members of staff all of which work closely with the children; they consist of the manager, ,deputy manager and  two nursery assistants and apprentice . All staff are trained and have their qualification’s either at level 2 or 3. At the moment Emma, Dorota, Sonia and Patryk are key workers to the children who attend. Each staff has got personal role within the setting i.e. fire officer, Senco etc….

We have a member of staff who has taken the lead of the healthy child practitioner. They work closely with children, parents and the key worker to write up the Childs 27 month review. They also work with the nurse (HV) who attends these meetings.

The staff use online Learning Journal called Tapestry to record and track children's progress and development. 

Daily activities, needs and meals are written and sent home with child in their daily dairies. 

We provide a multicultural nursery and take in children from a range of cultures and backgrounds; we celebrate a range of festivals and will show this through the displays and activities we are planning.

The menu is also worked around the children taking into account any dietary requirements.